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In the vibrant heart of Inglewood’s entertainment district, lies a hidden gem – Cork & Batter. One of the most exquisite venues and restaurants near Sofi Stadium, Cork & Batter will transform your wedding dreams into an unforgettable reality. Prepare to embark on a magical journey, where culinary excellence, breathtaking spaces, and unparalleled service come together to create a celebration that echoes the depth of your love.

The Heart of Celebration: Cork & Batter

Located mere steps from the iconic SoFi Stadium, Cork & Batter stands as Inglewood’s crown jewel, offering a wedding venue that resonates with the city’s vibrant energy. Its central location makes it an ideal epicenter for your wedding celebrations, immersing you and your guests in the lively spirit of the area.

Versatile Venues for Every Dream

At Cork & Batter, flexibility is our forte. Whether you desire to rent just one, combine two, or embrace all three of our unique spaces, we cater to your vision, ensuring a perfect fit for events of any scale.

  • The Grand Ballroom: Step into an era of timeless elegance as you enter the Grand Ballroom, a magnificent space adorned with grand chandeliers and an expansive dance floor. Its soaring ceilings and meticulously curated décor create an ambiance of grandeur, perfect for lavish celebrations. 
  • The Rooftop Garden: Experience an open-air wonder with stunning city views as you ascend to the Rooftop Garden. This idyllic setting provides a picturesque backdrop for intimate ceremonies or starlit dinners. 
  • The Private Dining Rooms: For more intimate gatherings, immerse yourself in the cozy and sophisticated ambiance of our Private Dining Rooms. These versatile spaces provide the perfect setting for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, or smaller celebrations. 

Culinary Excellence and Impeccable Service

Cork & Batter’s allure extends far beyond our captivating spaces. At the heart of this beautiful Inglewood venue lies a culinary team dedicated to crafting menus that tantalize the taste buds and elevate your wedding feast to an art form. Our expert team crafts menus with fresh, seasonal ingredients, tailoring each dish to your theme and personal tastes. Whether it’s an elegant plated dinner or a vibrant cocktail reception, your wedding feast will be unforgettable.

A Wedding Experience Beyond Compare

Your wedding day at Cork & Batter transcends the ordinary; it’s a symphony of joy, a celebration that weaves your unique love story into every detail. In this enchanted setting, every moment is infused with romance, from the first dance under the shimmering chandeliers to the quiet, heartfelt toasts in the soft glow of the sunset. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that each aspect of your day is flawlessly orchestrated, creating memories that will be treasured forever. 

Your Love Story Deserves the Best

Envisioning a blend of culinary artistry, impeccable service, and elegance?  Explore the wonders of the premier Inglewood venue and wedding destination. 
Contact Cork & Batter today and step into the beginning of your forever.