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Indoor venue for events and weddings in Inglewood, CA

Events at Our Inglewood Venue

Cork & Batter is the perfect venue for your next gathering or wedding reception. Our Inglewood venue offers 3 floors of flexible event space. Whether you’re looking to rent out the whole place, or one of our floors, our events team is here to walk you through all the options. Please provide your information below so one of our team members can contact you.

Wedding Venue

In the heart of Inglewood, Cork and Batter stands out as one of the most captivating wedding venues the area has to offer. This gem in Inglewood combines ageless elegance with contemporary flair, offering couples an idyllic setting to commence their lifelong journey. As Inglewood’s premier wedding destination, we take pride in tailoring each celebration to reflect the couple’s unique love story. 

Amidst our cozy ambiance, surrounded by the whispers of history that Inglewood holds, your guests will be treated to an evening of exquisite cuisine and cherished moments. Trust Cork and Batter to bring your wedding vision to life in the vibrant setting of Inglewood, where memories are crafted with love and devotion.

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